ECM recalibration kit for easy Saturn tuning

Published: 10th August 2007
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The electronic control module (ECM) installed on every Saturn is composed of a network of processors and signal inputs and outputs that collectively control a component of the vehicle. They control chief car parts critical in engine operation, ranging from the engine control unit that manages the power train system of the Saturn, to the antilock braking system that monitors the vehicle's speed and brake fluid flow, and to the simple body modules that control the automatic door locks and power windows.

The Saturn ECM is largely dependent on the MAP sensor, throttle position sensor, air temperature sensor, oxygen sensor, and many other sensors that feed it with information on the engine's performance. This network of sensors are scattered throughout the vehicle system, and communicates with the Saturn ECM through a set protocol installed on the car during its assembly. But, because the sensors of the Saturn ECM are made of sensitive sensing elements, their reliability often decrease over time. They can lose their precision, and without an accurate read of the Saturn parts operations, the ECM stands to operate the Saturn incorrectly and has to recalibrated. A Saturn ECM recalibration kit is typically a plug and play chip that brings back the settings of the sensors and the processors to their original form. It is inserted on the car's central control unit, allows driver to input the required setting, and corrects the sensors and the processor.

In addition, a Saturn ECM recalibration kit is similarly used in powertuning the car. In a module that handles the power train system of the car, for example, a Saturn recalibration kit can up the quantity of fuel injected into each cylinder in every engine cycle. More advanced Saturn modules that also control the ignition timing, variable valve timing, and the level of boost maintained by the turbocharger in a turbocharged Saturn are likewise optimized through the Saturn ECM recalibration kit. It typically tweaks engine system operations toward performance by calibrating the power train maps of the Saturn. These car setting changes done through the Saturn ECM recalibration kit are reversible, enabling the driver to suit the car's power train and system performance to varying drive applications.

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