Getting Rid of Backpressure the Right Way

Published: 19th January 2008
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Performance is everything for the hard-core car enthusiast. Top speed, acceleration speed from zero to sixty miles per hour, balanced turns and cornering, smooth engine sound, vehicle's exterior appearance, and some car goodies and features are the things that drive car enthusiasts crazy about a car. But for the budget-conscious car enthusiast, buying a car that has all these goodies equipped seems to be near impossible. But since aftermarket companies have taken it upon themselves to produce performance auto parts, car owners are now able to experience great vehicle performance at much lower prices. Plus, car owners may also opt to have these features installed, one at a time to avoid shelling out a lot of cash in one go.

One performance part that car enthusiasts can install are exhaust headers. This auto component is responsible for removing the anti-performance exhaust dirt that typically accumulates in the car's engine. Doing so improves vehicle performance as the engine's operations are fully maximized. It is also the task of the headers to reduce the backpressure building up along portions of the exhaust pipes, making it easy for air to smoothly flow out of the engine. These exhaust headers provide each cylinder with their own mini exhaust pipes and piping exhaust pulses. This allows the exhaust from each of the cylinders to easily escape because they don't have to share the same exhaust pipe anymore. This then flows into the downstream exhaust collector to which the exhausts will escape. Thus, the air intake and the escaping of exhausts emissions are improved.

Headers are great performance enhancers considering the main purpose they serve the automotive system. However, if one plans to get his own set of headers, better check the specifications of the vehicle first. Headers come in different types and sizes and are sometimes made to fit only a particular type of engine. It is a lot better to get engine-specific headers for the vehicle to fully optimize the headers' functions. Availability of headers, too, won't be a problem as auto parts stores have many stocks to offer.

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