The Role of Alternator in Powering Up the Vehicle

Published: 08th January 2008
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Modification from external features down to the internal parts is a good way to boost a vehicle's performance. Modern devices and equipment are typically installed to enhance drivability, engine performance, and other vehicle functions. Vehicles produced in the past were powered by the direct current or DC generator. But in the present, this part has been modified and called the alternating current generator or simply the alternator.

Efficient engine operation is not possible without the alternator. Working together with the battery and powertrain, the alternator largely contributes to the function of the entire vehicle, enough for it to be considered a performance part. This auto part converts mechanical energy from the gasoline engine into an alternating current. The process is done as the engine's belt drives the alternator's shaft, which then produces electricity from the mechanical energy. The power is then directed by means of diodes. Moreover, the produced electricity is used to power the electrical system of the vehicle. Although it is the car battery that powers the engine, the alternator is still essential since the battery's capacity is limited especially during long trips.

Normally, the alternator consists of a stator, rotor, pulley, rectifier assembly, and a set of brushes. The brushes are used to support the electrical contact with the rotor. Except for the pulleys, the alternator's aluminum housing combines all the components to create a functioning unit. When one of the parts comprising the alternator becomes impaired, the work of the whole unit suffers. To check the condition of this device, a complete starting test as well as alternator and battery test ensures the proper operation of the component. It is also important to keep the drive belt tension intact and fixed to increase the alternator's output. Properly maintained alternators guarantee a continuous supply of power for the vehicle, thus giving way to a worry-free driving experience.

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